Terms and conditions

Please note that this is a translation of the original terms and conditions – in Chinese – and is intended as a guide only. In case of dispute, please refer to terms and conditions in Chinese.

1) The cardholder, family and friends can all use the same membership card to accumulate points when they make purchases at Seasons Place, but only the cardholder can claim rewards. If the cardholder is not present when you would like to redeem rewards, the person claiming the reward on behalf of the cardholder must present valid ID for both themselves and the cardholder in order to claim the reward.

2) When making a purchase, the cardholder must present their membership card in advance of payment in order to receive any relevant discounts and membership points. If you do not have your card, please visit our help centre on the 4th floor or our service desk on the 1st floor on the day of purchase. On presentation of a valid receipt, we can add the points to your account. We regret that we cannot add points to your account if you do not have a valid receipt of if you present one after the day of purchase.

3) Checking your balance: If you would like to check how many membership points you have accumulated, members can visit our help centre on the 4th floor or our service desk on the 1st floor at any time during opening hours to check their balance.

4) If you return any goods purchased, you will lose any associated membership points or rewards associated with the purchase. If a customer has already redeemed reward points accumulated by purchasing an item and then returns the item, and if the remaining balance on the card is insufficient to cover the points reduction associated with the returned item, the customer must return the reward gift or pay a monetary value equivalent to the price of the reward gift.

5) If you lose or damage your membership card, you can obtain a new card from our help centre on the 4th floor or our service desk on the 1st floor, subject to an issuing fee of 10RMB (20RMB for Gold Cards). The newly issued card will be valid for the same amount of time as the originally issued.

6) The cardholder must fully abide by our card usage terms and conditions. Seasons Place has the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time.

7) Seasons Place has the right to terminate the card or refuse service or benefits to any cardholders who do not abide by the terms and conditions and/or use their cards for inappropriate gain.

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