Terms and conditions

Please note that this is a translation of the original terms and conditions – in Chinese – and is intended as a guide only. In case of dispute, please refer to terms and conditions in Chinese.

Cardholders can earn 1 point for each 1RMB they spend at the vast majority of shops within Seasons Place when they pay by, bank card, credit card, mobile payment or Lane Crawford gift card.

(i) At the following types of store, cardholders will earn one point for each 20RMB they spend: jewellery, watches, restaurants and cafes, cinema, supermarkets, home electronics and appliances, furniture and alcoholic beverages.

(ii) The following types of purchases are not eligible for reward points:

1. Exceptional purchases

a. Limited-time or last-minute promotions

b. Purchases made at outlets that are yet to sign the Seasons Place Membership Card Cooperation Pledge.

c. Purchases made using Lane Crawford credit (birthday rewards, internal company account purchases etc).

d. Purchases made at OLE’ supermarket using card types other than credit cards, Cedar Cards or mobile payments are not eligible for points. Cards not eligible for points include: Accor, Allscore, Fu Ka andOpen Union cards.

2. Purchases made on pre-paid cards (Yun ka, Lane Crawford prepaid cards etc)

3. Businesses that are not a part of seasons place (Financial Street Sports Centre, Cars One etc)

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