The corner is in the summer
A story of paper and no paper

In late spring May, Financial Street shopping center built a romantic spring garden with an ancient and magical art of paper.

The whole spring garden is made by paper. It uses various kinds of paper, such as Japan and paper, Italy wrinkle paper, Italy metal paper, Taiwan hand rubbing paper and so on. From dyeing to production, the whole 60 artists work together for 600 hours, design more than 5200 flowers, use a kind of craftsman spirit, with a thousand points, tell you a story about spring, about love...

From the colorful flowers to the lush tropical jungle and the Flamingos that symbolize love, every detail shows a sense of spiritual beauty. If you watch it, you will feel the growth of everything. Address: Seasons Place, 2 JinchengfangJie, Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 100033, China Tel: 010-6622 0681

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