Cleanse your soul and tastebuds
at Lotus Space


Lotus Space’s cuisine combines the best of Chinese cuisine with the freshest and most delectable seasonal ingredients from across China and around the world. In spring and winter, you will find bamboo shoots from Zhejiang’s Mount Tianmu on the menu; its summer menu features delicacies such as matsutake (pine mushrooms) from Dali, in China’s south-western province of Yunnan. Its menu also includes creative takes on global classics, such as avocado on toast.

And even meat eaters will be wowed by the restaurant’s wide selection of ‘false meats’ – which bear a remarkable resemblance to their meaty counterparts, even down to appearance and texture. Lotus Space’s interior design is as delectable as its food. Visit Lotus Space and cleanse your soul – and your tastebuds. You won’t be disappointed.

Lotus Space
Add: L220-221
Tel: 66220515

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