The Unskilled Worker

Behind the playful and colorful Unskilled Worker artworks on the new collection are curious and poignant stories. British artist Helen Downie tells the tales behind the faces, which unify her personal memories and Alessandro Michele’s designs.

Family: The Gucci Chronicles
painting is a response to homophobic comments left on Instagram. I wanted to express, that for me, family is a feeling. I believe we find our families.

Lady Bugs: The Gucci Chronicles
is based around the young Italian families I see walking in Rome. They are so warm and loving with their children. I love the way Italians follow certain rules but at the same time look so effortless. The ladybirds came from my childhood; I would collect them in a bucket only for them to fly away!

Little Lallo
I had a couple of pictures to work from but they were a little out of focus and so I painted from the perspective of how I imagined Alessandro as a little boy in his garden with his dogs. Many of the elements that Alessandro uses for the collections have been with him since childhood and I do the same. The snake belt he is wearing isn’t Gucci; it was the belt I wore as a child. I always try to add in a little something of me.

GUCCI at Seasons Place Beijing

Location: L104-105

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